Every winter, particularly in the event you live in a cold climate, your home is under attack from the elements. Finally, that continuous assault can cause your house’s systems to fail. And if any type of water damage is bad, there are certain types of damage that can be worse than many others. That’s especially true in winter.

Perhaps no system in your house is more important in winter in the furnace. Without it, you’d be in huge trouble. So while the impact of home water damage is bad no matter how you look at it, then having your furnace damaged when the temps are freezing out can be catastrophic. So let’s discuss things you can do to secure your furnace out of water damage if the worst case scenario occur to you this winter.

Elevate your furnace

Furnaces are concealed from view because of this. They are not just focal points of a house you need people’s eyes drawn towards. Whether it’s in a crawl space, basement or mechanical cupboard, it’s typically at a location you obviously do not find yourself visiting quite often. One method to help protect your furnace from water damage is to produce an raised platform upon which the furnace could sit. When it’s true your furnace is located in an unfinished basement, then you can simply pour a concrete block and then install the furnace there. When it’s in a cupboard, it could make more sense to create a wooden box to hold the chimney. Granted, in enormous flood events this is not likely to have much impact, but again there is not much you can do out of a preventative rack stage when mother nature decides to take charge.

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Install water sensors near your furnace

Another way to assist in preventing large damage for your furnace is to install a water detector close to the unit. We’ve blogged about these systems earlier at length, but they work by feeling water intrusions and telling you, either by a loud alarm sound or by notifying you via your mobile phone. Some even work by shutting off the main water valve to your house so that in case the water damage is caused by your home’s water supply, that source will be shut off to prevent additional damage.

While we have tried to assist you restrict damage to a house’s furnace in the event a flood occurs this winter, that which we have not discussed is the damage that likely has occurred. We sincerely trust that you will not attempt the cleanup and drying process on your own. We’ve seen so many homeowners attempt this earlier, only to call us later once it’s clear they have major issues. Maybe the biggest problem is that because they waited so long to possess professional diagnose and correct the problems, the house has even more damage for it and their insurance company probably won’t honor any claim filed because of the reduction because it happened long ago. Do not let that happen to you! Ensure to act immediately in the event of a water reduction and call us now!